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Our 'Game Changing' Service will ensure that your business is not only set up for growth but puts the systems in place to instantly bring you in more clients!

✔️An investment in your BUSINESS

✔️An investment in your MARKETING

✔️An investment in your CUSTOMERS

The All-In-One Workflow & Marketing Platform

[ Our system is a game changer! ]

What is the Business Amplifier?

The Shout Blue Business Amplifier is an 'All in One' Marketing Solution that has been designed from the outset to help businesses grow, using a mixture of our specialist software and digital services. As part of our monthly membership, business owners and their teams get full access to our system, software and expertise to prepare their business for handling more clients.

In summary... We're Everything
Your Business Needs To Thrive

A tailor-made ecosystem for all of your Marketing, Prospecting and Customer Service Solutions.

Your Business Needs To Thrive

A tailor-made ecosystem for all of your Marketing, Prospecting and Customer Service Solutions.

Andrew Hamilton

Shout Blue Media

"We use the Business Amplifier programme for our own Agency and it has completely transformed the way we run the business. Better automated processes save time, help us engage with clients and attract new leads - Game Changer!"

Instant Results for our Members

Acquire More Leads

We start from the bottom up and ensure that your business is set to be able to manage more clients. When the foundations are in place our system will book in enquiries on autopilot, whilst you and you team concentrate on closing them.

retain more clients

From the moment a potential client clicks the 'contact us' button on your website, our software will ensure that they automatically get all the information, care and attention that they require. Our objective is to keep them engaged in your business and go from being an 'interested lead' to a 'life long' satisfied customer.

Create happier customers

With our all-in-one marketing and sales platform, you will be able to use the Reputation Management feature to focus on keeping your customers happy and track all positive reviews coming in about your business.

So how is the Business Amplifier going to grow my Business?

The Shout Blue Business Amplifier consists of a strategic blend of both our Marketing Agency Services and 'Cutting Edge' Software that will literally upgrade the way you do business and amplify your results. Once we take the time to devise a business strategy with our clients the system takes care of itself, but what exactly is it and what does it do?...

So how is the Business Amplifier going to grow my Business?

The Shout Blue Business Amplifier consists of a strategic blend of both our Marketing Agency Services and 'Cutting Edge' Software that will literally upgrade the way you do business and amplify your results. Once we take the time to devise a business strategy with our clients the system takes care of itself, but what exactly is it and what does it do?...

Let's Talk About Getting Leads!

Prospect Smarter Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence & Custom Software

Welcome to our prospecting system that uses artificial intelligence to find ideal clients and qualify them through personalised, automated conversations which brings you more clients with less effort, less cost and less time.

Finds You Leads

Tell our system about your ideal client and in what city you want to find them, with one click our search intelligence will produce results with their contact information.

Starts Your Conversations

Our Ai bots then get to work to begin conversations with those ideal clients on your behalf, telling them who you are and what you do.

You make Sales

When they interact with our conversations, open emails, click or reply, we notify you immediately so that you can call them and make sales.

Business Is Easy When You Can Find Your Ideal Clients

Qualifying Leads

The Shout Blue Business Amplifier gives you the tools to land new and qualified leads for your sales team to follow up. The system is easy to work with and contains everything you will need to keep the life blood (clients) of your business flowing...

CREATE LANDING PAGES for offers & Services

Create gorgeous, high-converting landing pages on your own web domain with our custom drag-and-drop builder. No more fees for website designers, our system is professional looking and super straight forward to use.

Enhanced Lead Communication

As part of your first month on the Programme we will optimise your Google Business listing, install a custom designed 'webchat widget' on your website, set up 'missed call text back' for your business line and integrate your business Facebook and Instagram accounts so that you can communicate with potential clients directly from your dashboard. Basically the programme makes it easier for potential clients to communicate to you and for you to start a business relationship with them.


No need to use Calendly or Microsoft Bookings any longer to schedule in appointments (although our system does integrate with both!). Why not make use of the built in Business Amplifier calendar for both setting and managing appointments on the one system.

We also include pre designed mini-campaigns for no-show appointments and reminders, ensuring that you or your clients never knowingly miss a call. And if a client does miss a call, your team won't have to chase them up to reschedule as our system does that automatically as well!

Nurture Leads Into Clients

Good Communication is key especially when it comes to landing new clients. The Shout Blue Business Amplifier was built around this concept and we have numerous features that enable our clients to not just Optimise but Automate their sales processes...

Customise and automate your internal processes

Take your existing internal business processes and turn them into a digital workflow that guides new leads through the onboarding journey, keeping them and your team updated at each step of the way.

From scheduling sales calls to chasing up client documents, to taking payments and sending team reminders, the Business Amplifier system does it all on autopilot so you or your team don't have to worry about it. Think how much time you will free up!

Instant client communication

Whether it's from The Business Amplifier mobile app or desktop, your team will be able to look up and communicate with any of your clients directly and at any time using a variety of digital methods.

Gone are the days of wondering if a client received that urgent email or not? Now you can send an email and accompanying txt at the same time. Haven't heard from them after 48 hours, why not schedule a pre-recorded voicemail to send directly to their phone as a reminder. Everything from one screen!

Retaining Happy Customers

With the hard work completed and a satisfied new client added to your database, now is not the time to take your eye off the ball. Our system makes it easy to keep your clients engaged, happy and keen to recommend your business for years to come.

Optimise Client Engagement

The Business Amplifier enables members to design campaigns to engage their customers, especially in between service periods.

Birthday or Holiday messages, weekly business updates or even industry articles can be circulated automatically, keeping your brand at the forefront of your clients minds. Better customer engagement = more repeat business and more 'word of mouth' referrals on autopilot!

manage and monitor Customer Feedback

From the app or desktop you will be able to monitor all Google and Facebook reviews received from your clients.

Are you currently following up clients for a business review after they have received your service? We can automatically set that up for you and you'll be amazed at effective it can be!

Create Client reactivation campaigns

Set up a client reactivation campaign to invite customers back to your business for a review meeting, service renewal etc. These can be set up to run instantly or after certain periods of time. This is particularly useful for businesses who run monthly, bi-annual or annual reviews with their clients as they no longer need to worry about chasing them up - our system can do that for them.

You have the Power

From our custom designed dashboard users can manage all steps of their sales processes, run off business reports, check on revenue figures and monitor all customer feedback, just with the press of a button.

Design and MANAGE YOUR Business PIPELINE

The ease and simplicity of tracking your leads has never been so easy, thanks to our advanced Dashboard.

Begin the habit each morning of pouring a coffee (optional) and then reviewing your own sales pipeline. How many potential clients have contacted your business this week, which member of your team is looking after who, what potential income will they generate, what are the next steps? etc. No more confusion over who's doing what. Clear, Concise and easy to manage!


Track your websites performance, discover where your leads are coming from and how many of them become clients. Track your online reviews, view all incoming information requests, from email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or Google. Analyse your revenue numbers, how much have you made so far this month and how much is sitting in the pipeline. Did we mention that this is all from the one dashboard, either on your desktop or your own business app!

Collect Customer Payments

Need to collect a fee from a client ahead of commencing business? Why not use our Txt Payment feature as standard. During a sales call, simply text a secure link directly to their phone with an itemised bill that can be paid instantly into your account. Simple and Quick - no more chasing payments days after signing up a new client!

Our Membership Types


Up to 10 Team Members

*Includes 500 sms messages

Up to 1000 Leads Generated per month

✅ WebChat Window installed on your website

✅ Txt to Pay Invoicing

✅ Appointment Scheduler & Reminders

✅ 1000 A.I Powered Automated Conversations

✅ Visual Sales Pipeline Management

✅ 1 Custom Built Funnel Page

✅ Dedicated Email Domain Name

✅ Email Follow Up Series For All Leads

✅ Instant Alerts for your Hottest Leads

✅ A.I Email Reply Management

✅ Visual Sales Pipeline Management

Our Software

Our Clients

Ben Crawford - Spero Financial

Ben Crawford is from Spero Financial which is a successful financial services organisation based in Belfast, who specialise in Mortgages and Protection. The Shout Blue Amplifier system was able to help him automate a number of their key processes and customer touch points, giving him more time to able to spend growing the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up on the system?

We pride ourselves on how quickly and easily we can get our clients up and running. As soon as a client signs up we can have them fully operational and experiencing the benefits of the system within a few days following our setup meeting/ call. This includes system training and setting up customised processes and campaigns for your business.

When can I expect to see results?

It depends on what you are looking to achieve, but realistically you will be able to see results from utilising the system immediately. The webchat function, missed call txt back and Social Media integrations will enable a more robust system for creating and responding to enquiries. Process workflows and automations will instantly cut out wasted time and increase productivity. Likewise our installed campaigns will enable you to build better engagement with your clients and in turn create more repeat business and referrals all on autopilot. Increases in website visits, business inquiries, Google ranking and online reviews will all increase over time as part of our ongoing service to you.

How does your price compare to other competition and is it good value?

We have priced our services very carefully to allow us to be able to offer our services to both large and small businesses alike. Compared to other software providers that can offer similar services we feel that we are are very competitively priced.
The Business Amplifier combines numerous features in one easy to use system without having to pay separate companies for a similar setup. Combining CRM software with calendar appointments, social media scheduler, email responder, landing page builder, process/workflow editor etc cost businesses thousands per month and most of our competitors charge per user! For one monthly fee (cancel at any time) and a very generous user allowance we like to feel that we are saving our clients money but offering them a much superior service at the same time.

Do you offer any other marketing services?

Yes we do. We can offer the following extra services to our clients - Website Building, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, Inbound Marketing Campaigns, Customer Engagement Campaigns, Lead Nurturing Workflows, Online Course Design, Product Page Design. At Shout Blue, we are a 'one stop shop' for all marketing services that businesses require.

My business needs a website, can you build us one as part of the service?

Absolutely. You'd be surprised how many of our clients have requested this service. We offer this service for an additional cost to the programme depending on the size and scope of the project.

Am I able to cancel if it isn't for me?

Of course. We have had many successful clients and are really confident in the services that we offer along with the results that they can achieve. We understand though that sometimes things may not work out and situations can change. If for whatever reason you decide to do so, our services can be canceled at any time and you will continue to have access for the remainder of that current month before your account gets closed.

Want to learn more before you try us out?

Sometimes it's easier to demonstrate what it is that we do to help our clients rather than just write about it.

Click the button below to get as short video demo to see how we can amplify your business...


Let's talk about what the Business Amplifier can do for your business.


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Let's talk about what Shout Blue Financial can do for your business.


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