"Reach and Nurture Hundreds of High-Quality, High-Converting B2B Prospects per Month for Your Consulting Business, completely on Autopilot"


Prospect Smarter Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence & Custom Software

Welcome to our prospecting system that uses artificial intelligence to find ideal clients and qualify them through personalised, automated conversations which brings you more clients with less effort, less cost and less time.

Finds You Leads

Tell our system about your ideal client and in what city you want to find them, with one click our search intelligence will produce results with their contact information.

Starts Your Conversations

Our Ai bots then get to work to begin conversations with those ideal clients on your behalf, telling them who you are and what you do.

You Make Sales

When they interact with our conversations, open emails, click or reply, we notify you immediately so that you can call them and make sales.

What Does It Do?

Advanced Features


Our Ai sends and tracks emails as part of a strategic campaign. When it detects interest from a prospect it will contact your team to get in touch and sign them up.


With 94% open rates, we can also send follow up SMS messages to your prospects directly from our system to their mobile phone.


Our system gives you the ability to send voicemails to your prospects, without their phones needing to ring. This is an excellent way to follow up hundreds of leads by phone without needing to employ a large outbound call team to do it.


Search for the job roles of your target clients on a global scale and then let our AI software engage with them on your behalf, building interest in your business and making contact with key decision makers.

Why Is Lead Generation Like This Better?

Meet the Ai assistant that scales your cold outreach campaigns easier, cheaper and faster.

Business Is Easy When You Can Find Your Ideal Clients

Identify them in three ways:

Industry Type and Location

Search by business type or industry in any location in the world

People/Position Type

Search for people by their position or role within a company


Search for a list of employees based on a specific company

Greater Automation, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get Set Up Today

Our Elite Leads Software will:

  • Find 100's of your ideal B2B prospects every month

  • Email them 3-6 times until they open, click or respond

  • Find and follow up with them on Linkedin creating another vital touchpoint.

  • When the system detects interest, you'll receive an instant notification to contact them

  • You'll also get our full custom built Business Amplifier CRM system to manage all of the prospects

  • Have 2-way calling and text with them

  • Be able to upload your existing customer/prospect database to re-engage with.

  • Have the ability to send out monthly newsletters, create blogs, schedule Social Media posts and create your own landing pages and offers on demand.

  • Have full 24/7 Support and training to get you and your team up and running on the system.

  • All for one fixed monthly cost that you can cancel at any time.

Check out the Elite Leads Software for yourself and get 20 free prospects for your own business!

It's really simple, to see a demonstration of the software just:

- CLICK BELOW to book a time that suits you for a quick Video call - the demo usually lasts about 20-30 mins

- On the call, a member of our team will demonstrate the system working for your business and look specifically for leads in your market.

- Following the call, whether you decide to sign up or not, we will send across the 20 business leads from the demo as a thank you for your time.

Client Testimonials

Jim Irving

Managing Director of Merit Consulting and author of 'The B2b Selling Guidebook'

Mark Allen

"Shout Blue has been an absolute game-changer for generating new leads. Their software provided us with a constant stream of highly-targeted B2B leads, which significantly boosted our sales pipeline. We were then able to follow them up on their amplifier system which saved us loads of time and ensured that no lead fell through the cracks".

Johnny Hamilton

"Shout Blue has been a big help for my art business. We struggled with lead generation on the corporate side and their system allowed me to search for relevant businesses in our area that may be interested in my work. They ran a Review campaign for my clients as well which generated a lot of interest and allowed me to reengage to a lot of my previous clients. I highly recommend Shout Blue".

Jayne Gilmour

"We love the Elite Leads system. As a design agency, we were constantly looking for efficient ways to promote our business to new clients. The leads we received were not only targeted but also came with valuable insights that allowed us to tailor our campaigns effectively. The automated email marketing and social media follow-ups were a great way of reaching a large audience in a relatively short period of time".

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up on the Elite Leads system?

As long as it takes you to book an appointment with our team. Once we get you on an onboarding call, we can have you set up, running and generating new business leads on the same day!

Is the software difficult to use?

Nope. It's really straight forward to run a search using your chosen criteria and as it's a very dynamic system, you can run multiple searches within various industries, until your monthly credits run out. To help with learning the ropes we also include a video training course for you and your staff to refer to and 24/7 support if you should need it. Super easy.

Hundreds of industry leads per month, that's got to be expensive?

Not so, in fact our clients are often pleasantly surprised at the cost of our services, especially compared to previous lead generating software that they have used. On a recent price comparison with our competition we discovered that even our highest price plan was better value than some of the lower priced services that they offer. When you also factor in having no advertising expenditure, your cost per conversion ratio will take a welcomed decrease.

Our business struggles to define a target audience, will Elite Leads work for us?

Many of our clients can't clearly and accurately define their target audience and it's never a problem. The software can be used to target multiple industries in numerous locations so it's easy to try out different campaigns to various audiences until you find the one that fits. Then you just rinse and repeat each month and watch your conversions go up.

Where do the leads come from?

The leads are all found in the public domain, whether it's from websites, social media or search engines. What might take a team of people days or weeks to compile, takes our system seconds, saving your business a lot's of time and money.

Am I able to cancel if Elite Leads isn't for me?

Of course. We have had many successful clients and are really confident in the services that we offer, along with the results that they can achieve. We understand though that sometimes things may not work out and situations can change. If for whatever reason you decide to do so, our services can be canceled at any time and you will continue to have access for the remainder of that current month before your account gets closed.

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